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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Education & Capacity Building

North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) is a leader in providing education in geriatric medicine and building capacity for delivering care to frail older adults. Physicians and clinician members of our team commonly speak about a range of topics in geriatric medicine and rehabilitation across Ontario. Please contact us if you are interested in having a member of our team speak to your team or at your event.

Additionally, NESGC hosts an annual North East Geriatric Medicine Refresher Day—a one-day conference specifically positioned to build clinical capacity in specialized geriatrics in Northeastern Ontario. First hosted in Sault Ste. Marie in 2014, the Geriatric Medicine Refresher Day continues to grow with our fifth annual conference being held on October 18, 2018 in Sudbury, ON. More information about the North East Geriatric Medicine Refresher Day will be released closer to the event date.

Moreover, NESGC participates in planning the annual Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) of Ontario Education Day in Toronto, which is hosted in partnership with the Ontario Gerontology Association’s annual Gerontology Conference. More information about this collaborative conference can be found at the RGPs of Ontario website.

Primary Care Geriatric Medicine Certificate Course

North East Specialized Geriatric Centre offers a Primary Care Geriatric Medicine Certificate Course to physicians looking to advance their practice and knowledge base. The goal is to enhance the skills of primary care practitioners by providing a variety of evidence-based and clinical learning experiences related to geriatric medicine. The course consists of seven half-day sessions that integrate three components: review of evidence based material, didactic teaching, and bedside teaching. Physicians interested in participating in this course should contact the Manager of Clinical Services.

Memory Clinics in Partnership with Dr. Linda Lee

North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) proudly supports the delivery of Memory Clinics throughout Northeastern Ontario. These Memory Clinics are planned and delivered by Dr. Linda Lee, Director of the Memory Clinic at the Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team. Memory Clinics are built on a specialized model of interprofessional care that is designed to build capacity for cognitive impairment and dementia in primary care teams. These clinics then link primary care teams to local geriatricians to provide ongoing support and consultation—a role filled by the NESGC Geriatrician, Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke.

In 2013 and 2014, NESGC sponsored the delivery of five memory clinics in Northeastern Ontario. In 2014 the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care acknowledged the continued success of Dr. Lee and her team by bestowing upon Dr. Lee the coveted Minister’s Medal.

For more information about having a Memory Clinic delivered for your team in Northeastern Ontario please contact us by email.

Project ECHO


Project ECHO, created by Dr. Sanjeev Arora at the University of New Mexico, is an enhanced telehealth program that features a collaborative learning environment. It facilitates a community of practice by linking primary care providers with specialists to discuss actual cases with their colleagues in real-time. Project ECHO goes beyond traditional telehealth programs by not only increasing access, but also increasing capacity.


The objectives for Care of the Elderly ECHO are in alignment with those of ECHO Ontario. These include:  

  • Equip primary care providers to provide more comprehensive care for their frail complex aging patients; 
  • Utilize existing telehealth and tele-education services at Baycrest to facilitate geriatrics training to primary care providers across Ontario, particularly in remote, underserved areas; 
  • Meet the demand for care of Ontario’s aging population by expanding the reach of Baycrest’s expertise in care of the elderly.

This project will involve collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Baycrest and North East Specialized Geriatric Centre have teamed up to provide valuable tools and subject matter experts to enhance Care of the Elderly ECHO sessions. In addition, Baycrest will seek partners who can provide marketing and outreach experience and contribute to expansion of the network served by Care of the Elderly ECHO. 

NESGC is committed to collaborating with Baycrest through Care of the Elderly ECHO as a way to increase their capacity. Care of the Elderly ECHO aligns with the strategic plan of NESGC to provide education for primary care providers in an area dealing with a major shortage of geriatric providers. The program will open up to other partnerships as the opportunity arises. NESGC will be an important partner for generating interest in the program and facilitating participation.


North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) delivers care for frail older adults and their caregivers, as well as builds capacity for geriatric medicine across northeastern Ontario.

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