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Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Team

Clinical Services 

  • Regional Outpatient Geriatric Medicine Service 
  • Regional Outreach Geriatric Medicine 
  • Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Service 
  • Behavioural Support Outreach Service 
  • Geriatric Outpatient Rehabilitative Service 
  • Geriatric Inpatient Consultation Service 
  • Reactivation Care Unit 

Leadership Team 

Melanie Briscoe | Interim Administrative Director

Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke | Medical Director

Ginette Lachance Abbott | NESGC Assistant 

Shannon Gouchie | Clinical Manager Regional Outpatient Geriatric Medicine Service & Regional Outreach Geriatric Medicine 

Melanie Paul | Clinical Manager, Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Service and Behavioural Support Outreach Service, Geriatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Service, Geriatric Inpatient Consultation Service 

Krista Edwards | Clinical Manager of Reactivation Care Unit 

Dana Corsi | Regional Geriatric Rehab Lead 

Shaen Gingrich | Geriatric Knowledge Translator 

Sara McEwen | Research and Regional Evaluation Lead 

Employment Opportunities 

Vacancies will be posted on this page, as well as through our host, Health Sciences North

Resumes or applications sent directly to NESGC will not be accepted, reviewed, or responded to. All applications must be submitted through Health Sciences North's career opportunities portal

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