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Frail to Fit Evaluation – Evaluation Summary

The Frail to Fit Falls Prevention Program (FTF) delivered by North East Specialized Geriatric Services (NE SGS) is a multifactorial program that offers exercise and education for frail individuals living in the community. After an extensive environmental scan and literature review, FTF was proposed as a clinical program that could serve older adults too frail to attend other community-based falls prevention programs. Since accepting its first cohort in September 2010, approximately 260 individuals have been registered into FTF.

Frail to Fit offers an important therapeutic intervention for individuals living in the community. Not only does it provide a social and activity-based outlet for frail, community-dwelling older adults, it also strives to rehabilitate individuals to a point beyond their initial level of frailty that may permit them to attend more intensive falls prevention programs. This evaluation was undertaken to provide analysis and review of FTF, to determine how elements of the program may be refined to improve its overall performance and impact, and to gather input from participants of the program on their experience and satisfaction.

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