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Regional Systems Steering Committee

“SGS” refers to the spectrum of local and regional programs serving frail older adults. Currently, these may be either formally or informally linked to the NESGC, but the intention is that through the System Steering Committee these will become highly coordinated and integrated over time.

“NESGC” refers specifically to the North East Specialized Geriatrics Centre.

Regional Specialized Geriatric Services (RSGS) refer to a comprehensive, coordinated system of specialized health services for frail older adults within a region.

Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) and Regional Specialized Geriatric Services (RSGS) are differentiated from older adults’ services based on higher frailty/complexity of the population served, greater specialization, use of inter-professional collaboration and multi-disciplinary teams, and increasing customization of care to respond to patient/client needs.

Accountability and Reporting

The Committee is accountable to the North East LHIN, the broader health system and most importantly the region’s frail older adults.

The committee will report to the NE LHIN annually on the objectives below.


From an NESGC perspective:

  • Provide strategic advice to the program as a key element within the full continuum of geriatric services across the North East.

From a broader SGS system perspective:

  • Advise and facilitate the implementation of the NE LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan and the Provincial Seniors Strategy on issues related to specialized geriatric services.
  • Provide leadership in the creation of a regional system of integrated specialized geriatric services for frail seniors including system planning, clinical practice, system resourcing recommendations, monitoring of performance outcomes, advocacy, communication and education for SGS.
  • Promote evidence-based best practice standards, guidelines and benchmarks for SGS program delivery to local providers and networks across the North East. 
  • Leverage and protect current investments for specialized geriatric services as a means to facilitate the spread of innovation and support improved access to services across the North East.
  • Review and prioritize proposals for new specialized geriatric services funding to the NE LHIN.
  • Provide guidance and advice on education, research and program evaluation related to specialized care for older adults in the North East.
  • Engage in stakeholder consultation related to frail seniors and ensure strong linkages with local SGS related providers and networks across the region.


The following sectors / organizations will assign senior level representation:

4 – HUB hospitals (North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins)
1– Algoma Geriatric clinic
1– Cochrane Geriatric clinic
1 – New Liskeard clinic
2 – Community hospitals
2 – North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (Medical Lead, Executive Director)
1 – North East Home and Community Care
1 – Complex Continuing Care
1 – Community Support Services (i.e. Alzheimer Society representative)
1 – Seniors Mental Health
2 – Care of the Elderly physicians (one should be involved in primary care)
1 – First Nations Health Service Provider
1 – Francophone Health Service Provider
1 – Representation from older adults and/or their caregivers
1 – Academic / Research / Northern Ontario School of Medicine
1 – Primary Care Administration and
1 – Primary care clinical 
1 – NE-LHIN staff (ex-officio)

Research & Evaluation

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